Chess Endgames

Mastering the Endgames in Chess will help you move up the ranks in your chess career (final position is in pictures):

King + Queen vs. King Endgame:

The first checkmate we learn when we start chess is to deliver a checkmate with a queen and a king. It will look something like this:

King + Rook vs. King Endgame:

It gets more difficult with only a rook, but it can be done if you can chase the enemy king to the final rank with both the rook and king. The final position will look like this:

King + Pawn vs. King Endgame:

This is the endgame that we have to be careful, as one wrong move could equal a stalemate:

King + 2 Bishops vs. King Endgame:

The easier of the two minor pieces checkmate, the two bishops checkmate occurs when the bishops and king trap the enemy king into a corner:

King + Bishop + Knight vs. King Endgame:

One of the most difficult endgames to convert in chess is to mate with just a bishop and a knight. It is the same principle as the two bishops checkmate but much more difficult to master: