2018 Russian Rapid and Blitz Championships: Final Results

Here are the Final Results (top 10 finishers) for the 2018 Russian Rapid and Blitz Championships held in Sochi, Russia, from October 5th to October 9th, which were both won by Vladislav Artemiev:

2018 Russian Rapid Championships:

1st Place Vladislav Artemiev 8.5 points (won on tiebreakers)
2nd Place Ivan Bocharov 8.5 points
3rd Place Evgeny Tomashevsky 8.5 points
4th Place Andrey Esipenko 8.5 points
5th Place Daniil Dubov 8.5 points
6th Place Anton Demchenko 8.5 points
7th Place Dmitry Bocharov 8.5 points
8th Place Boris Savchenko 8.0 points
9th Place Grigoriy Oparin 8.0 points
10th Place Vadim Moiseenko 8.0 points

2018 Russian Blitz Championships:

1st Place Vladislav Artemiev 16.0 points
2nd Place Sanan Sjugirov 15.5 points
3rd Place Daniil Dubov 15.0 points
4th Place Ivan Bocharov 15.0 points
5th Place Grigoriy Oparin 14.5 points
6th Place Pavel Ponkratov 14.5 points
7th Place Boris Savchenko 14.5 points
8th Place Kirill Alekseenko 14.0 points
9th Place Maksim Chigaev 14.0 points
10th Place Evgeny Alekseev 14.0 points


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